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More and more people are turning to dental implants to replace natural parts lost by high-quality implants. We are a specialist in dental surgeries, implants, children and adults orthodontics, prosthetics, endodontics, and periodontics. At, we advise clients about dental implants and oral surgery, as they respond not only to an aesthetic function so that our smile looks beautiful and complete, but they are also fully functional, helping to maintain a good bite and one good oral health.

The implants can be very durable if carried out a series of preventive guidelines, as a meticulous dental hygiene, in addition to regular visits to the dental clinic, which will ensure a long life of the implant. offers the most innovative treatments for everything related to dental implantology, which guarantee the best results from the hand of our professionals.


Because you feel the differential value of the attention and solutions proposed by our specialist


Because before establishing an action plan you need a specialized study by our qualified professionals. This requires gathering several dental disciplines. We are involved and committed to each treatment


Because we have been caring for the oral health of our patients for more than 20 years and creating new smiles


Today we can say, after more than 30 years putting implants, that there is no doubt that the best way to replace a tooth is a dental implant. All the studies show that in the long term, dental implants work much better than other prosthetic options. The implants allow replacing a tooth without producing greater loss of bone. They are more aesthetic and more hygienic and return your smile as if they were your own teeth.


The time it takes an implant to join your bone, to be able to chew with it, has been reduced considerably from 5 to 6 months to 2 or 3, depending on the type of bone. In conditions where the bone allows it, they can be placed on the newly placed implants, placing provisional prostheses, which allow the patient to be without teeth at any time and to be incorporated into their normal life immediately. In order to assess this possibility of treatment, we carry out the necessary study using imaging and 3D simulation techniques.

Does works in the long term?

The duration of dental implants will depend more on the patient than the implant itself since each body can react in a different way. Following the right indications reduces the risk of something going wrong. At we are experts in comparisons of budgets for the dental implant. Thanks to a large number of offers of dentists that you find on our pages we know the average price that clinics ask for a dental implant

Anyway, before undergoing a dental implant it must be clear that the implants are not for life, last for many years but have a limitation in time, so it is important to go to professionals like those who work with us. So you can compare the “market prices” with the prices that patients who have used our service to get to know a new, cheaper dentist. And you will see that the savings they achieve are remarkable, even reaching 50% of the original budget, fully complying with the high quality of material and the attentive service to which the doctors have committed themselves to. What are you waiting for? Visit us, we are waiting for you or you can log in to the website so that all your oral surgery issues are resolved!

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