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We all know that good health in general and oral health, in particular, begins in childhood. At Cleveland, we have this very present and therefore, we offer the best orthodontic treatments with braces for children in Cleveland Office. The maxillary child orthopedics has several phases: detect bone and/or functional problems at early ages and correct them through orthodontic treatments. Functional disorders are corrected with brackets for children, specially designed to slow or stimulate skeletal growth, according to the needs of each patient and can be fixed or removable.

We are a clinic specializing in comprehensive orthodontic and child dentistry services aimed at the personalized attention of our patients. We have state-of-the-art technological resources, infrastructure built to the highest quality standards, a professional and experienced human team, which allows us to offer accurate diagnoses and guaranteed treatments. We all like a beautiful smile and we should all have a healthy mouth. Crooked and cramped teeth are difficult to clean and maintain. This can contribute to conditions that cause tooth decay, bad breath, gum disease and tooth loss. The abnormal position of the jaw joint can cause clicks, chronic headaches and pain in the face and neck that often confuse a migraine or other problems.

The mission that we have at Cleveland Office:

Satisfy the dental care needs of children and young people. We make sure in providing a pleasant experience through a professional and personalized service with high-quality equipment and cutting-edge technology. To become a leading team in dental care for children and young people through:

  • The diversification of our services
  • The constant updating of knowledge and technology
  • Provide quality and experience in the service to our patients

Fixed orthodontic appliances are only used when the permanent dentition has been completed or, in any case, when only the milk molars remain. Thus, it is increasingly common to see children aged 6-9 years who wear brackets only in the anterior part of the denture, since these teeth are the ones that point the way for the exit of the molars. It is from 10-12 years when fixed appliances are used that cover the entire denture, being able to use the classic appliances, which are placed in front of the teeth or the invisible orthodontics in which the hoop and the brackets are placed inside the teeth, being invisible from the outside.

With regard to the structure of these devices, before the metal brackets were used a lot to which fits with elastics and wires, but nowadays it is increasingly common for porcelain, zirconium or sapphire brackets to be used and that self-ligating brackets are also used, which make the use of elastics and other types of fit unnecessary. In this way, children are offered more aesthetic and less visually spectacular orthodontics. The brackets for children have two objectives: to expand the oral cavity, to correct the bite and activate the muscular forces, in growth, to achieve. Learn about our treatments with braces for children in Cleveland Office and benefit from our extensive experience and our dedicated service.

We also offer at Cleveland Office:

Pediatric Dentistry

At Cleveland Dental Clinic we have been caring for and promoting good oral health for the smallest members of the household for 30 years.


The Damon System is the low friction orthodontic system par excellence. Its fundamental characteristic is the absence of ligature to hold the wire inside the bracket

Invisible Orthodontics

Invisalign is an orthodontic system that consists of a series of ALIGNERS that are changed every two weeks. The ALIGNERS are custom made specifically for your teeth; they are practically invisible and removable.

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