It can be quite difficult to get ready for a work out session, but if you have the right workout music, then it will be much easier. Everyone will have tracks that work best for them, and it may take some time to work out what is going to motivate you the most.

What Do You Like?

You are much more likely to carry on working out for longer if you are listening to music you like and music that has a good beat. For many it is rap, as it is often sung at speed and with a good rhythm. Think in advance what is likely to work for you as stopping and starting to change the music is not going to get you fit.

You might find that you can’t deal with the subject matter in rap or that the next choice is not the right speed. By getting the right sounds in place, you can really make a difference to the way you exercise. That is not just an opinion by the way – science has shown it to be true.


Researchers in Canada carried out a project in 2015 and were able to conclude that if you were in charge of the tunes, you will exercise more, for longer, and certainly enjoy it rather than just enduring it. Furthermore, it is understood that there are types of music that are better for certain types of work out.

Cardio Work-Out

When the exercise session is based around something like cycling, favorite tracks can really work with you. It can be distracting and you can begin to think about why you like it. The study showed that those exercising had lower RPE – reported perceived exertion – than if they had been listening to other tracks. It may just have been pleasure making, it seem less like a chore, but it is worth remembering.

Bodily Response to Music

Further research into workout music has been carried out in Japan. This puts forward the theory that the body reacts to the music it hears. It is now believed that the tunes you listen to affect how the nervous system works. With the fight or flight responses heightened, the body can recover more quickly from the pressure it has been put under and reduce the amount of cardiac stress that the exercise has caused.

Journal of Sports Medicine

They have also carried out a study on the effect of listening to workout music. Heart rate will drop, and blood pressure and cardiovascular responses will be lowered. That is not the only good news that this journal has provided. They also have made us aware that when listening to tracks that inspire you, you can feel an improvement in the amount of power muscles can put out. If you are working on your legs at this time, the results will be amazing.

There is just one thing that has not been covered in these studies and that is what happens when it is the case that bad or unpopular music is played. So far it has been good music and no music, but not yet bad music.

Pick the Right Tracks

The main thing is that you like what you pick. There may be a list of songs others recommend but it is your choice that matters. It will be best to find a track with a tempo that matches the exercise you are doing. Research – this time in Liverpool – the music can be the difference between a good and average session. This applies to the warm down as well. Remember that your muscles have worked hard and need a tune to help them relax and get back to normal.